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Crispy Salmon Cakes

Crispy Salmon Cakes Recipe

I told y’all that I was going to bombard you with salmon recipes in my last post. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this recipe has been a long time coming. I’ve made these crispy salmon cakes in my stories a few times now. And every single time that I make them- y’all DEMAND the recipe lol. I’ve shared the recipe too many times to count at this point. So I made it my business to sashay on over here and give you guys a proper recipe post.

How To Make Salmon Cakes

I ate salmon cakes a lot growing up. With spaghetti for Fish Fry Friday. Cheese grits (my favorite). Mashed potatoes and corn. You name it. Honestly, my mom never made fresh salmon. It was expensive. So the canned stuff had to do. Although I love me some fresh salmon (or rather frozen these days), I always keep a couple of cans in the cabinet so that I can make these salmon cakes whenever I feel the urge. And so will you. After you try this recipe. You can also ground up some fresh salmon and use that instead of the canned stuff if you prefer.

Juicy Salmon Cakes Recipe

These salmon cakes are crispy on the outside‚Ķ moist & bursting with flavor on the inside. You’ll fall in love at first bite. As long as you don’t cook them too long. Then they’ll taste like dry biscuits. Oh, and don’t forget the egg. The egg helps keep the patties together while frying. If you don’t have eggs then make smaller patties or balls. I’ve never tried to use an egg substitute. But I’m assuming that will work. If you try it please let me know. One more thing- don’t leave out the corn meal. It’s what gives these salmon cakes the extra crisp and also helps to hold them together. Serve these salmon cakes as a main dish, or as an appetizer with a dipping sauce. Enough rambling though… let’s get to the recipe.

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Crispy Salmon Cakes

These salmon cakes are crispy on the outside… moist & bursting with flavor on the inside. You'll fall in love at first bite.
Author: Erica
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Category: Seafood, Brunch, Breakfast, Appetizer
Cuisine: Soul Food
Diet: Gluten Free
Servings: 2



  • Preheat the oil in a cast iron skillet or frying pan.
  • Drain the can of salmon, debone and break into pieces.
  • Add the salmon to a large mixing bowl. Season to taste with the Slap Ya Mama seasoning. Not too much as the salmon is already salted. Add a generous amount of dried parsley, then add the onion, garlic, egg and cornmeal.
  • Mix everything thoroughly and use your hands to form the salmon mixture into patties (cakes). One large (almost 15 oz) can of salmon should make 4-8 patties depending on the size. Make smaller patties if you're using an egg substitute or leaving out the egg.
  • Carefully put the patties in the hot oil and fry for about 5 minutes on each side, until brown and crispy. Drain the patties in a colander with a plate underneath.
  • Serve hot with side of choice (like cheese grits), and hot sauce. You may also serve as an appetizer with dipping sauce.
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Quick note… You guys will notice that I use Slap Ya Mama Seasoning A LOT in my recipes. This is because it’s the perfect mixture of the individual seasonings that I usually use to season my food. Having them already combined cuts down on my preparation time. If you’d rather season yourself, simply use- salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. That’s it.




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