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Get Fancy Dining In With Wildgrain This Winter

This is a sponsored post for Wildgrain via Apogee Agency. However, all opinions are my own.

Dining In With Wildgrain

As much as I like dining out on occasion, I truly love creating fancy meals right in my kitchen. I can have a restaurant experience in the comfort of my home. All while keeping my coins in my pocket. That’s a win win situation for me. Besides… it’s cold outside. So I prefer to stay indoors as much as possible until Old Man Winter bids us adieu. The Wildgrain Bake-from-Frozen Subscription Box makes it super easy to prepare the fanciest of fancy, restaurant style meals at home. I’m going to share some meal ideas with you guys that you can whip up and serve straight from your kitchen. But first let’s talk a little bit about Wildgrain.

Wildgrain Croissants

Wildgrain partners with small-batch bakers and pasta makers across the country to provide artisanal breads, pastas and pastries in a monthly themed subscription box. The Mixed Wildgrain Box includes an assortment of sourdough breads, hand-cut pasta and artisenal pastries… like these delicious croissants that’s included as a bonus if you sign up now. The box is shipped (for FREE) and includes dry ice to keep everything frozen until it gets to you. All items in the box are made with clean ingredients. Best of all, everything bakes in 25 minutes or less- no thawing necessary. You simply put the baked goods in a pre-heated oven straight from the freezer, and the pasta cooks up perfectly al dente when cooked from frozen. It tastes so fresh that your dinner guests will swear you made it yourself. I can never look at dry pasta the same since trying the Wildgrain pasta.

Garlic Butter Shrimp Tonnarelli

The selection of breads and pasta included in the box pair perfectly to prepare those fancy meals I was telling y’all about. Like this Garlic Butter Shrimp Tonnarelli that I whipped up in less than 20 minutes using the Wildgrain frozen tonnarelli. The pasta only took five minutes… YES, 5 minutes to cook. While the pasta is cooking, simply wash and season your shrimp to taste. Then saut√© the shrimp in a pan with olive oil, butter and fresh garlic. Deglaze the pan with cooking wine. Now you’re all done.

Wildgrain Sourdough Loaf

Serve the garlic butter shrimp nice and hot on top of the tonnarelli with a slice of warm Sourdough bread. A variety of loaves is included in every Wildgrain Box. Garnish the dish with some parsley to make it look fancy. Fresh or dried- your choice. And don’t forget the wine!

Salmon Fettuccine alla Vodka

Looking to get a little creative? Then pair the Wildgrain fettucine with a rich vodka sauce. You can make the sauce from scratch. Or you can be like me and season a jarred sauce to taste. No one will know the difference. Pair the Fettucine alla Vodka with your protein of choice. I chose to top my pasta with a salmon filet, seasoned and seared to perfection. Remember, don’t forget the parsley.

Wildgrain Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Keep dessert simple and serve a Wildgrain Chocolate Chunk Cookie fresh from the oven. When I tell you that these cookies are amazing, you better believe me. And they are huge. You can add a dollop of vanilla ice cream if you have room after eating all of this food. Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

The Wildgrain Box is $89 a month. However, you can change your delivery frequency, skip or cancel at anytime. Have I convinced you that you need the Wildgrain Subscription Box in your life? If so, then use code GLAMMZMORE to take $10 OFF your first box- Sign Up Now!



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